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Nikwax interview

Here's a little insight into what we do at home, Many thanks to Nikwax for their continued support

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Training and qualifications

Hi!! So sorry for the lack of updates!!! It's been a very busy year, we've had lots of new young horses, and I've been busy training and completing my coaching qualifications. I am now a BE ukcc leve

BRC sj champions!

On 15th April we headed to Bury farm in leighton buzzard. Earlier in the year we had qualified for the 100cm and 110cm British Riding Club championship. These champs have been lucky for us in the pa

Start of the 2022 season

Great start to the 2022 season. Kicking off at Portman BE Novice. Was a very hotly contested section, with Oli townend, Tom Mcewan and Andrew Nicholson in the top 3! Dora did a sweet test for 30.5, th


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