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Champs, Foals and SJ

Last weekend was the BRC championships that I qualified for. It was touch and go if I'd be able to attend as 7 weeks earlier I'd had a tumble off a youngster XC schooling and had broken my collar bone quite badly... It was absolutely agony, especially trying to sleep so I ended up borrowing Nanna's recliner chair and some V pillows and slept in that for 2 weeks! While I was off, Summer (my girlfriend) had moved her horse here in livery, so her and Sid (my brother) kept Dora's fitness up and David Reddan my trainer jumped her once a week. It was hard to see others on her as I'm the only one to have ridden her. But they all did and amazing job!! And after 3.5 weeks I had a few gentle rides but mum banned me from jumping until the week before. We headed off just hoping to have a nice time but my competitive side came when we arrived 😂 this was the 100 plus, so a much harder dressage test and 110 SJ with a more technical XC. She did a really lovely test for 29 which left me laying in 3rd in my arena and 5th overall. We were really ring rusty in the SJ but she pulled it out the bag and helped me out no end for a clear. Then XC, That horse is amazing!!!!! She sailed round as easy as ever, especially as I'm weaker in the left arm to finish clear on her dressage score, this moved us up to 2nd overall and highest placed junior. She was a machine and mum and I was a tad emotional 😂

The day after my accident we had another little surprise! Tiki, Flo's foal was born at 8.45pm, a very respectable time for mum who'd not had much sleep the night before. She's absolutely perfect and is a real sassy little lady, she was due to be sold but Dad has decided to keep her 😉 he's a big softy as she always neighs to him when she sees him...

This weekend we headed to Colraine for the BS, I have my first novice BE coming up so wanted to jump some big tracks. I did something I've never done before on Dora, I went for it in the jump off, she did some amazing tight turn and finished 2nd in the newcomers! And 3rd in the discovery.

We have bought a couple of youngsters recently that I will update on their progress shortly and Sid has just got a new horse, also a youngster so I'll help him a little. More on them soon. Bye for now

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