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BRC area qualifiers 2021.

Sunday 13th June, we headed to St leonards in Launceston for the BRC area qualifiers. Dora was contesting the 100 plus as an individual, Jenny was stepping up to 90. Dora rode a lovely test for a mark of 28, would have been better had I not forgotten to do my first halt at the start of the test 🙈 she then jumped a super clear around a testing, twisty 110cm before flying round a lovely XC course that had been designed by the Willis brothers. We finished on her dressage score to win! I had to jump off Dora after xc get changed and trot down to the dressage with just 20 mins to spare for jenny's dressage! Thankfully dad came with us too as with my 2 and Sid on Alice, it was quite a busy day for just mum grooming! Jenny is very green still having only competed a few times, she did a sweet test with a couple of green mistakes for 35. The showjumping has been a work on progress recently as she's got a bit cocky and keen! But she was very rideable this time but sadly took 3 poles... She then flew the 90 xc with time to spare, she gave me a great feeling and showed there's much more to come from Jenny! The following day our sponsor, Vicky Tattersall came and gave the girls a post comp treatment. It's very important to keep them feeling in top condition, especially as we have Launceston BE in 2 weeks. So we will be working on the showjumping with jenny u till then and ticking Dora along while I crack on with the other youngsters.

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Maureen Webb
Maureen Webb
Jun 15, 2021

Well Done. x

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