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Welcome to Theo Funnell eventing. Theo is a young event rider from Devon who produces his own horses and offers this service to others too. Theo's results and testimonials speak for themselves. Horses are given time to progress at their own pace with no corners being cut, doing the correct homework and allowing them to florrish into a happy horses that are ready to give you their all. Theo has successfully competed up to FEI 2 star so far and with some exciting youngsters coming up, that we hope will go even further. Theo is now also a BE ukcc level 2 coach, having put himself through the training and passing. Theo has always been passionate about teaching and this shows in his sessions! He is really getting established as a great trainer, having very many regular clients,  teaching at several pony clubs, regular Riding club clinics, he is the 2nd trainer for the Cornwall Eventing Academy along side Paul Tapner and also runs his own clinics. Feel free to follow updates on

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Theo has been mad about horses from an early age. Even at a young age he has been passionate and dedicated to improving himself and his horses, and helping others. He always likes to produce his own horses and has a great way with youngsters, something that benefits his coaching greatly. He enjoys backing and producing the horses from scratch. But Theo dreams of one day riding around 5 star tracks! He has built up a lovely string of horses that are owned by him and several supportive owners. His passion for eventing started with an amazing and a little tricky pony called Piper. Find out more about our horses past and present in the meet the horses section 

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Meet the horses 



Dora is a 16.1hh Irish sport horse who we bought unseen from Ireland. We have bought many through Jackie this way. She was green and newly backed. Theo has produced her over the years. This horse has the biggest heart and will Literally do anything for Theo. They qualified for Badminton grassroots 100. But sadly due to covid it was cancelled. Dora got as far as 2 star level. Having various placing at novice level first, we just felt this was as far as we wanted to push her as she is not the fastest across the country, She was the BRC intermediate showjumping champion too! Have previously came 2nd and 3rd on his last horse. She's so honest and jumps anything you ask of her so she has now gone to sid to teach him. He is already at BE100 and being placed. She really is a horse of a lifetime for our family. 



Macaroni we bought as a just backed 3 Year old, from Ireland again. He's 15.1hh. He was possibly the trickiest to start with but Theo had some help with him and he turned the corner and is now an amazing little horse. Macaroni has been very successful at British riding clubs championships over the last 3 yrs Theo competed him. Was was 3rd his first year at the winter national champs in showjumping and the following year 2nd! I don't think he has been to a champs and not been placed! He then went on to teach Theo's younger brother the ropes. 



Bubba is a homebred, born in 2019. He is out of a lovely warm blood mare, by a lovely local stallion, Midnight runner, that Theo is lucky enough to have ridden. He passed on his lovely temperament to Bubba and we have high hopes for him.



Lofty. you guessed it, another Irish horse! 2020 colt with amazing breeding!!! Again we have high hope for lofty and possibly keep him entire should his talent and temperament be desirable. Lofty is owned by one of our owners. 



Alice is a super young cob that belonged to Sid, Theo's younger brother. She is now sold to friends and doing very well in British dressage!!



Although we no longer own piper, he deserves a mention as he really is Theo's pony of a life time! We bought him straight from the field, despite lots of people telling us not to buy him as they'd seen him be naughty in the past. Theo and his old owner Kim knew they were a perfect match! He regularly jumped out of his field, out of his stable, out of the trailer... This pony was born to jump and loved it! The dressage took a little longer to master but they were a formidable team, winning many area qualifiers at BRC and placings at championships. It was the hardest thing ever when you outgrow your best friend.... But its great to follow his progress with his next 2 jockeys and see him showing them how its done 



Piggy is possibly one of the most important members of the team.... and she knows it 😉 she travels all over with us babysitting in the lorry. She's quite happy as long as she has a haynet for the day. Being a shetland she doesn't take up much room either. They all love piggy. 



Solly is owned by a good friend of ours, Elaine Freestone. He came to us as an unbacked 4 year old. He's as quirky and tricky as you like 🤣 but mega talented! He's not a horse you can rush, we have taken our time backing and producing him. He is mega intelligent and will use that against you if you don't get it right! He is actually lucky to still be here as back in the late winter 2023 he had an accident on the road, he ended up collicking that night and getting ataxia in his hind end.... long story short, with lots of therapy it luckily was only swelling causing it rather than actual permanent damage so he is now out and about and started competing at a low level, we will aim to be out eventing next season. I'm very very excited about this beautiful boy. 



Carlo also came to me unbacked and as a stallion. He's a cracking and very very talented young horse. He has now been gelded as was not able to cope with life being a stallion. He's a brave as a lion and will try his heart out. We are waiting for his owner to get transport for him so we can get him out and about (unfortunately he can't go in our lorry) he has been so much fun to produce and is gorgeous too. 



Puzz is a 6 year old mare who was originally sid's. He did a great job starting her as a 4 year old but when he took on Dora, I had puzz, to start her eventing career, she's a very sensitive mare but again like Dora is a machine XC! She really has been mrs consistent! And recently won her first 100 event. Sadly she will be for sale shortly though. The right home will be paramount as she deserves only the best. Now sold to a fantastic young girl who is already absolutely flying with her! 

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Get to Know Us



Sophie is the mum to Theo. Sophie grew up in a non horsey family but from a young age did all she could to finally get her first horse at 16. She evented and produced several of her own horses before taking a back seat to allow Theo and Sidney their time. 



Mark is dad and cheif mucker outer, tractor driver, grounds man and bank of dad 😉 joking aside, he is a great help with all the horses, especially when it comes to backing them as he is a great handler. Mark didn't have much to do with horses before meeting mum, but clearly has a great way with them as they all love him... That may be because he is the one that does the feeds morning and night! 



Sidney is Theo's younger brother. He's planning a career in the RAF but is very talented rider too. He now competes Dora. He has successfully produced 2 great youngsters in the past too.



This is Katie, Theo's girlfriend. She's a very big part of the team. She's a fab rider, having also produced horses herself, will help with some of the riding here, she is amazing at plaiting too and turns out the horses to a high standard. She also is a designer and makes amazing jewellery! 

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Goodbye Flys is our main sponsors,6 IN 1 Maintenance Grooming Products for all Seasons!Great new grooming products and absolute alternative to fly repellents! Organic grooming products – nurture and protect whilst preserving and maintaining your horse’s and dog’s skin and coat condition.Show Shine That Smells Divine. made with 100% Organically Grown Plant Extract oils. Organic Shampoo – That Helps protect your horse from fly attacks.

Horsemanship Saddlery UK. HS Anatomical Bridles - Maximum Comfort for your Horse. All parts of the bridles are bought in mix and match sizes, so you can have Full browband with Cob cheeks, Pony throatlash, Full headpiece and X-Full noseband, etc. at the same price as a 'One Size' bridle. These have been a game changer for our horses comfort. 


EQUINE H is produced from a mixture of perennial and Italian rye grasses grown on thr farm in the heart of Devon. It is great for horses in hard work/competition. A very high quality haylage in a larger than normal small bale. 

Vicky Tattersall is a McTimony chiropractor and sports massage therapist. Vicky has treated our horses for many years and keeps them in tip top condition. 

Nikwax have for a long time supplied us with rug wash and reproof, this has really prolonged the life of our rugs. Along with the leather conditioner and tech spray for our waterproof clothing. 

Three moors veterinary services. We highly rated Zoe Marsh when she looked after our horses a few yrs ago and zoe has vetted many horses either for us, or at ours and now she has her own practice we are very pleased to be working with her again. Zoe has a huge wealth of knowledge and a great way with animals. To us, having professional, personal care is so important and having the same vet that knows and understands your horse is what we wanted.

Downwest Embroidery and Steddy neddys has been supplying us with fantastic clothing! And Steddy Neddys is a great online support hub for good mental health, both can ne found on FB.

Hoopers Equestrian,  jodi has been our saddler for many many years! She a registred master saddler. She always looks after our horses and their tack so well! 

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